Quitting your job is back in fashion!

Quitting your job is back in fashion!Thinking about moving to a new role?

At this time of year when people take a break for their summer holidays, they enter a period of calm and reflection. On holiday people think about the year to come, about going back to work, and what lies ahead for them in their career, and often this might lead to thinking about moving to a new role. When planning a career move it is important to think long term about goals, what’s best for both you and your family, and what might be the best route forward. These days, many people either won’t have the luxury of early retirement and/or may wish to work beyond what might currently be perceived to be a retirement age.

At Christina Campbell Career Consultants we have seen the job market in the UK pick up substantially since the General Election, and we expect this momentum to continue and escalate through the autumn. A recent report in the Financial Times uses the “Take this Job and Shove it” indicator to show that many more people are moving voluntarily to increase their compensation, and/or to move across sectors. It’s a good time to be looking for a career move! – and we haven’t been able to say that so confidently for a long time.

We help individual senior executives to move career, whether they have a current role or not.

It’s a great time to start thinking now, and while on holiday, in order to be ready and prepared to start making that move in the autumn.

We start with an evaluation of the most realistic and achievable career aims and ambitions and give careful consideration to referees and action to be taken with referees. We then approach relevant head hunters, where the London market is particularly strong including coverage of senior level international roles. Other approaches will be to interim head hunters, principals in private equity, talent acquisition managers in large and small corporates and other relevant corporate contacts. At Christina Campbell Career Consultants we actively help and encourage our clients to make direct contact with relevant individuals, and it’s often to seek market information or to pitch a business proposition, rather than bluntly asking for a new role. This approach can make the conversation more interesting and relevant for the recipient.

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