Mid Life Career Crossroads

Mid Life Career CrossroadsThe Right Direction

Ros Altman, the UK Government’s Older Workers Champion is encouraging companies to hire apprentices in their 50s. Barclays have rolled out such a scheme and other large corporates are following.

A recent Economist Intelligence Unit study finds that one in three companies expects their number of employees over 60 to increase significantly in the next 5 years. They find that older employees are likely to be more loyal to the company and bring significant life experience to their roles, enabling them to understand their customers’ wishes.

Despite initiatives like this and the fact that today one’s 50s can be regarded as the prime of life, it can be very difficult for those in their 50s and even late 40s to find a new job. Anecdotally this group do face recruitment discrimination, as we hear time and again from our clients. So, perhaps having worked for one organisation for a long time, being made redundant at 50 can be very hard for people. Others would like to try out a new role, but cannot face leaving the security of a current role. There are of course financial implications, and many people either need or want to work into their 70s.

At Christina Campbell Career Consultants we work with senior executives, many of whom are looking for a new direction in their mid career. We prepare people for the marketplace by looking at their career in a professional and realistic way and helping them to decide on their next best direction. We then provide interview training and facilitate introductions to our network of headhunters and contacts, providing sound advice and support along the journey.

This is a bespoke service and we are working one to one with individuals.

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