Employers Market for Jobseekers

Employers Market for JobseekersIt’s still an Employers Market for Senior Director Job Seekers, who are fed up and disappointed with the Interview Process

Recent government figures, brought out ahead of the General Election show that unemployment is falling. However, at senior levels across industries and functions, it can still be tough to find a new role. Anecdotally, my clients tell me the market is slow.

Many of the obvious stumbling blocks are there – it is hard to move sector, age is definitely a factor and there are many other candidates around so jobs are sought after competitively. Companies are reluctant to make senior hires due to the expense and will often go for the internal option, sometimes after a protracted executive search process, which can be agonisingly disappointing and a time waster for the external candidates.

One of the obstacles my clients tell me about is the lengthy interview process they have to go through, particularly with SME’s, private equity portfolio companies, and smaller family owned businesses. All the shortlisted candidates are asked to produce a “presentation”. Depending on the type of business, this can be a marketing strategy, growth strategy across Europe, how they would turn around the business/factory etc. Candidates have to come up with a great business plan, with financials and competitor information. This can be a very time-consuming process of course for the candidates. What the potential Employer is left with are 5 great business plans, and no onus to actually hire anyone should they not wish to.

This has been very off-putting for candidates, who are minded to withdraw from the process, and retrospectively think they should have charged for their time and advice.

At Christina Campbell Career Consultants we thoroughly prepare our candidates for interview and those more informal networking meetings. We help through all stages of client interview and negotiation and act as a sounding board at all times.

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